Video of Chiropractor Treating Dystonia

By Doctor Rosemarie Jabbour (Chiropractor)

Have you heard of Dystonia?

I recently came across this video of an Australian chiropractor treating a patient for Dystonia. This is an amazing video and I have shared it with you below.


Dystonia is a condition where a person's muscles involuntarily contract. This causes affected body parts to twist out of shape, resulting in disfigured posture and other health problems.


Featured in this video is Australian chiropractor Dr. Ian Rossborough. He recently embarked on a volunteer trip to rural India where he provided chiropractic care to many of the people he met. 


His patient suffered severe dystonia which forced his neck to permanently turn to the right. Watch this video now and you'll be amazed at the relief experienced by the patient - I sure was.


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Dystonia Infographic


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