What Your Doctor Doesn’t Tell You

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According to Physician Leana Wen, there is a lot of talk these days about whether your doctor is actually recommending medications that you need versus selling you medications or acting like a paid spokesman for a drug company.

As this TEDTalk discusses, what should your doctor be disclosing to you? Physician Leana Wen explores this topic and the point that in the US at least, your doctor simply doesn’t have to tell you about that. Much to her surprise, when a doctor did open up and tell her, Leana was simply amazed.

This is a very interesting talk about the ‘hidden epidemic in medicine’ and the campaign calling for total transparency in medicine. More and more, patients want to decide what’s important when choosing a doctor and if that doctor shares personal beliefs that are similar to theirs.

Infact Leana’s campaign stirred up so much controversy her office and team received a bomb threat. This is a must watch video. Please leave comments or thoughts below and share with your friends.


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