How to get back to work after a career break

By Doctor Rosemarie Jabbour (Chiropractor)

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TEDTalks Video: The 40-Year-Old Intern

Have you heard of the 'grey ceiling?' Are you struggling with how to get back to work after a career break? Many more members of the workforce are retraining much later in their professional careers and some are even taking on internships or reentry-internships. If you want to relaunch your career in your mid 40's take note of what several big global companies such as Goldman Sachs, Intel and General Motors are doing - running formal reentry internship programs. 


In this TEDtalk, Carol Fishman Cohen explains why the reentry internship is the perfect vehicle for employers to engage with 'relaunchers', or those people who have taken a career break, in her talk 'The 40-Year-Old Intern.' A career break can mean many different things: retraining for a new career, caring for loved ones or raising children.


Cohen comments, "Employers can view hiring people with a gap on their resume as a high risk proposition, and individuals on career break can have doubts about their abilities to relaunch their careers."


Cohen, CEO and author, is heading up the Society of Women Engineers/iRelaunch STEM Reentry Task Force initiative which sees reentry internship programs offered to returning engineers. If you're in need of some professional inspiration this talk is for you.

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