6 Benefits of Ginger in an Infographic

By Doctor Rosemarie Jabbour (Chiropractor)

New World Chiro - Parramatta

Did you know Ginger was so useful?

Ginger Infographic

Here at New World Chiro we like to learn about a natural approach to health. We started researching some of the health benefits associated with ginger and we were pleasantly surprised with our findings.


We uncovered a great deal of scientific literature and text book studies on the health benefits associated with eating ginger. Studies show that certain quantities of ginger actually help in managing a range of health issues such as morning sickness when pregnant, reducing feelings of nausea during chemotherapy and aiding digestion.


Please read on as we present our findings in a visual infographic. You may use this infographic on your own blog (simply reference this page).

Infographic: 6 Health Benefits of Ginger



Ginger has many uses

Is ginger a super food or a fad food? Read more about ginger and check out some great recipes in our other ginger blog post.


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