5 Fast Facts About My Spine Infographic

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Summary of Facts

“Your spine is your tree of life!”

Yes this really is an accurate metaphor. Your spine acts as your central support, the protector of your delicate spinal cord and keeps you upright and balanced.

Problems can arise when your spine gets twisted, misaligned and injured.

Here are some fast facts that may better help you understand the significance of your spine.

  1. 24 moving parts (vertebrae) with a total of 33 vertebrae (several are fused).
  2. 7 neck vertebrae: the same number as the giraffe with the really long neck.
  3. You have an ‘Atlas’. The first vertebrae is known as the atlas, after the mythological Greek figure Atlas who carried the weight of the world on his shoulders.
  4. Your spine protects your spinal cord.
  5. Back pain. The most common problem with your spine is back pain, affecting up to 80% of the community.

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