Why I Became A Chiropractor

My Personal Story - From Studying to Become a Medical Doctor to Becoming a Chiropractor

Transcribed from video.


Hi everyone, Dr. Rosemarie Jabbour from New World Chiro.


I would like to talk to you today about my personal story and how it transitioned me to moving from wanting to become a medical doctor to a chiropractor.


I was studying, of course, to become a medical doctor and started experiencing some very debilitating migraines. The migraines were so debilitating that some nights I would be literally hitting my head against a wall trying to get rid of the pain, that’s how bad they were.


My grades at Uni starting going down, it affected my life, my personal life, my work, I became anti-social, didn’t want to speak to anyone.


The medical fraternity thought that I had brain tumours which really stressed my parents out. All the MRI’s and the scans, brain scans, did not show anything so I was placed on migraine medications and that gave me the foggy memory, the joint pain, the stiffness and my grades continued to go down at Uni.


While I was at a shopping centre, I saw these chiropractors, chiropractic students, who were actually doing free postural checks.


Now as a young female, I saw one of them and he was not bad looking and I thought, oh, I’ll go check out what they’re doing.


I haven’t heard of chiropractic at all. I didn’t know what chiropractors did. I was just interested in the good looking guy who was at the stand so I decided to go and get my posture checked.


The first thing he said to me was, ‘are you experiencing headaches or migraines?’


He said I had forward head posture.


That blew me away and that was the first step towards my new career and my new pathway towards proper health and wellness.


A month after that, after x-rays, the migraines became headaches and then a month after that they were completely gone, to say the least.


I changed professions and decided I wanted to become a chiropractor, applied, and of course got in. So left my research in medical microbiology, put that on hold for a year to try chiropractic to see whether I liked it or not. I could always go back to medical microbiology, but I loved it.


It made sense to me, it was a natural form of healthcare, getting to the cause of the problem and correcting the cause of the problem without the use of drugs or medication or surgery, and that’s what resonated with me personally.


So going from a spiral down in regards to my health and wellness, becoming anti-social, in so much pain and agony that I couldn’t deal with anyone even talking to me, to becoming very healthy and out of pain and wanting to improve my health and wellness and the health and wellness of everyone around me. It was a huge transition for me.


I only hope that you will learn from this experience and maybe give chiropractic a go, just have a spinal check-up, a spine and nervous system check-up and just see if there are any issues.


Seriously, get them corrected, the earlier the better, and save yourself from any pain or suffering and improve the rest of your life because life is too short to be in pain and to be suffering.


That’s what I learnt. I learnt it the hard way but now I’m grateful that I did experience that because I know where the light is and the light is with chiropractic.


So, that’s my personal experience and I’m hoping to see you all healthier and more well.

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