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Simply pitch your guest post idea to us and we may publish your article! If your article is worthy of being published, we will reference your site or provide you with an author by-line.


New World Chiro is seeking practical, informative and factually correct articles or health tips that will help our readers to improve both their health and their lifestyle.  


Below are our writing guidelines for you to consider before submitting a guest blog post for us to publish.


What should you write about?


You can write about almost anything, as long as it relates to health and wellness and is appropriate for patients to read. Health tips and summaries of scientific studies are good. You should write with an open and conversational tone, address common problems and offer solutions to these problems.

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Here are some topics we’d love to see more of:

  • Health tips, tricks and biohacks
  • Research studies and scientific reviews
  • Interview style posts with QnA formats
  • Lifestyle stories, fitness, diet and posture topics welcome


Should I pitch my idea first?

Yes. Please email New World Chiro using the contact form on this page (only) and our editor communicate with you.


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Yes. We will include one reference in the form of a link/by-line or name for reference purposes.


Writing Tips

  • When preparing your guest post blog, please follow these writing tips
  • Minimum word count: 800 words of high quality content
  • Reference all facts and figures as you refer to them in your article (we may verify these)