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Cholesterol Testing - Now Available in Parramatta

Now available to patients in Australia - your unique cholesterol test. What is cholesterol? It's a compound  (sterol) found in most body tissues and is an important component of your cell membranes. In high concentrations, however, cholesterol is thought to promote atherosclerosis. Our LipoScan Cholesterol Test can produce a detailed and comprehensive profile of your blood. This may be useful in helping you to plan future treatment or in addressing diet and nutritional issues. Your cholesterol test may assess your levels of LDL Cholesterol, current artherogenic risk, and inflammation risk through diet by Omega 3:6 ratios.

cholesterol testing sydney

What might this test do for me?

Chiropractor and accredited health test practitioner Dr. Rosemarie Jabbour (Chiro) may design a specific nutritional program for you. This may cover specific preventative health strategies that can be used over the longer term.


Additionally, this test may reveal your cholesterol risk by going deeper than an ordinary cholesterol test and analysing the small particle LDL 'sub-fractions'. These 'sub-fractions' are a type of fat particle in your blood and in certain concentrations, may contribute to arterial blockage, inflammation and coronary heart disease.

How to order your 'Cholesterol Test'

Contact New World Chiro today. Our team can arrange this test for you. After you pay for your test, we'll invite you to a consultation and explain what we are looking for. Your test results will be analysed by our lab partners and results sent back to us.


We’ll arrange a consultation with you to go through your results.


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