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Posture and Chiropractic Clinic in Parramatta

If you or someone you know is experiencing postural problems, your not alone. Many people right across Sydney suffer the negative health effects of poor posture and as a result experience reduced health and performance. On this page we'll share with you 4 of the most commonly experienced unhealthy postures and how each posture impacts your health.


A good, strong posture has a structured alignment with your head directly over your shoulders, your shoulders directly over your hips and your hips directly over your ankles.

This alignment is the strongest alignment possible and is fundamental to your health and well being. Any variation away from this norm leads to musculoskeletal problems.

5 types of bad postures

Five different types of standing posture.
Five different types of standing posture.

This image shows 5 common bad postures that many people experience. When you compare these bad postures to the good posture example you can see different variations.

  • Lumbar lordosis refers to excessive curvature of the lower or lumbar spine.
  • Thoracic kyphosis, or more simply 'hunch back', refers to excessive convex curvature of the upper back. 
  • Flat back refers to a lack of normal spinal curvature.
  • Sway back posture has the pelvis tilting forward which throws the lower back out. Read more about sway back posture here.
  • Scoliosis is a twisting of the spine, as viewed front or back on. Read more about scoliosis here.

Now, what all of these bad postures have in common is the abnormal alignment of the spine.

How does chiropractic improve posture?

Chiropractic works to:

  • alleviate stiff joints
  • reduce chronic pain
  • prevent worsening of bad posture
  • correct posture and in many cases return the spine to a more normal alignment
  • remove pressure and irritation to the nervous system

A Spinal Screening in our clinic may identify underlying structural issues that cause poor posture and associated health problems. Your chiropractor is specifically trained in the identification and removal of spinal misalignments that contribute to poor posture.

Correct posture

If you suffer from body aches and pain, it's time to make a stand for better posture. All too often people put off seeking treatment for poor posture and its not until they experience a health crisis that they are forced into taking action. We don't want you to experience a health crisis.


Over time, unless the behaviours and underlying structural issues that contribute to poor posture are addressed, posture may continue to worsen and spinal health may continue to degenerate.

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