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What is Scoliosis?

Scoliosis is a condition that, you are either born with or that you may acquire, that sees unnatural curvature of the spine.


Scoliosis may cause lower and upper back pain, tight muscles, nervous system interference, reduced functioning of your bodily systems (immunity, breathing, digestion) and physical deformity.


Chiropractic care is an effective therapy for some forms of scoliosis and in a moment we will highlight just how chiropractic may help you.


First though, what are the causes of scoliosis?

Common Causes of Scoliosis

Some common causes of acquired scoliosis include:

  • developmental issues
  • pelvic (hip) tilt
  • foot pronation (flat feet)
  • poor posture
  • altered knee/hip/pelvis biomechanics
  • muscle asymmetries
  • trauma

"Did you know? Early diagnosis may increase your chance of better managing scoliosis"

Treatment Options and Chiropractic

Depending on the severity of the scoliosis curve, physical therapies such as chiropractic may help prevent further curvature and in some cases reverse the curve. An early diagnosis may help with the effectiveness of chiropractic treatment. Surgery may be a last option for advanced scoliosis sufferers.


Chiropractic adjustments work to mobile both the pelvis and spine. In scoliosis cases chiropractic is used to improve lower limb and pelvic biomechanics, free restrictions in your system, prevent further fixation and prevent further damaging curvature.

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