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Spinal Rehabilitation Services Parramatta

Rehabilitation Services

Whether you exercise for recreation or competition, regular stretching and chiropractic are an important and integral component to success in any activity. If you want to know more about spinal rehabilitation, traction and stretching, this page should help you out.


New World Chiro offers spinal corrective care, through the chiropractic adjustment, as well as other activities that promote healing and strengthening. Rehabilitation programs often take time and results do not happen overnight. Our rehabilitation programs aim to address common stressors impacting the spine and structure, including physical, emotional or mental.

Chiropractic care

Chiropractic is an effective approach in helping to build and maintain a balanced, agile body, whilst maintaining equilibrium in the body’s nervous system, joints and muscles. This corrects the structural and functional imbalances in the body.  Balanced flexibility programs help the body hold improved alignment. Stretching prepares the body for activity while preventing injury.  Stretching can also assist the body’s integration of postural and structural correction available through chiropractic care. The results are improved performance in sports and life.


Rehabilitation and your posture

At New World Chiro, our regular members should be able to tell you that your posture is one of the most important factors affecting your spine. They should be able to tell you this because we focus on education as a key component in any rehabilitation program. Now in order to have optimal posture - and better health - your spine should be in ‘tip top’ condition.


Our chiropractic rehab programs aim to teach you more about your spine, drawing from scientific modalities such as biology, anatomy and physics.  A strong and natural posture affords you one of the strongest defences against the destructive forces of gravity and movement.


The Universal Traction Station

Specific and personalised traction is used at New World Chiro using specialized machines, to stretch your spine (and those tight muscles) for 15 mins in order to address the curvature of the spine. Since this is completely dependent on your chiropractic report of findings, x-ray analysis (if performed), postural assessment and neurological examination, every traction regime is completely unique to your spine and case at hand.


The Universal Traction Equipment we have is a state of the art traction system and the only one in Australia. It helps in spinal rehabilitation cases in an accurate and quick manner.


Improve Your Posture

Many of our practice members regularly come down to New World Chiro and work with Dr. Rosemarie Jabbour (Chiropractor) to improve their posture. By improving your posture through specialist rehabilitation exercises, stretching and chiropractic care, you may start to notice the following benefits: stand taller, feel more flexible and agile, notice reductions in pain and bodily aches, reduced stiffness and less tension, better sleep patterns, better ergonomics and more.


Find out more

Find out more about our range of professional services and how you may address your health challenge today.  We have a New Patient Consultation to get you started with chiropractic. To book a chiropractic consultation at New World Chiro please phone or email today.


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