Chiropractic Assistant (C.A.) Training Programs in Parramatta and Sydney

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Welcome to The Power Chiropractic Assistant Training Program

Chiropractic assistant training programs sydney
Chiropractic assistant training programs
Chiropractic assistant training programs

About The Training

Training a Chiropractic Assistant and team to be on purpose and to support the doctors and each other can be time consuming and laborious. As a chiropractor who has trained many power Chiropractic Assistants, Dr Jabbour (Chiropractor) knows what is needed to inspire them to participate in the vision of your practice and to be a part of the evolutionary changes our patients experience in our clinics.

The empowerment they will receive, will transform your team to a power team. With role playing and a fun and learning atmosphere, your team should not miss this event.


With her team of Power Chiropractic Assistants, they will transform your Chiropractic Assistants to be on purpose with your personal vision and mission statement.

Our Training Aims:

"To be able to communicate the chiropractic message to your patients from the heart; and to be able to manoeuvre between the Administrative Chiropractic Assistant and the Educative Chiropractic Assistant hats"

I Come To You

"This training can either be run in our training centres  (multiple locations) or I can travel to your city and run CA training in your clinic"

What Our Trainees Say

"The CA training at New World Chiro was exactly what I was looking for. The information was up to date with today's ever changing patient demands. It offered a refreshing way of looking at clinic administration skills. Leaving the course I felt motivated and equipped with new skills to implement into our clinic. Thanks."


Maria Konstantinou - CA Burwood Back Pain Chiropractic

Training Modules


1) Introduction: Chiropractic philosophy, spinal anatomy, subluxation complex, and spinal pain.


2) CA Duties: Responsibilities of the Chiropractic Assistant, medical records, patient communications, SOAP notes, and confidentiality.


3) Emergency Procedures: Chiropractic Office Emergencies, red flags to care, includes pathogens, recognition of emergency situations, performing the chores at hand.


4) Communication Skills: Patient communication skills, CA to patient relationships, office etiquette, letters and report construction.


5) Technical Skills: Obtaining a history, vital signs, record keeping skills,  consents to transfer records.


6) Law and Ethics: Confidentiality, respondent superior, sources of malpractice, professional boundaries; definitions, prevention, sexual harassment, and developing professional relationships.


7) Human Body in Health and Disease: Discusses 20 commonly encountered diseases and disorders seen in chiropractic practice.


8) The difference between the Administrative CA and the Educational CA: Roles of each category and how to effectively and efficiently transform from one to the other in an instant.


9) Radiographic Protection: Basics of x-ray physics, gonad shielding, and x-ray processing.


In this course the learner will:

  • Discover what is meant by a "chiropractic philosophy" of care.
  • Learn about a Doctor of Chiropractic's education and look at the history of chiropractic.
  • Learn about basic spinal anatomy.
  • Investigate the musculoskeletal and nervous system anatomy.
  • Identify what is meant by the term "subluxation complex".
  • Broaden the understanding of the chiropractic profession as a whole.
  • Learn the common vocabulary terms related to chiropractic.
  • Learn about the duties of a chiropractic assistant.
  • Learn about medical records and the skills related to great medical records note taking
  • Identify some of the keys to working with worker's compensation and motor vehicle collision cases.
  • Discover what "informed consent" is and how to apply this to chiropractic care.
  • Get an overview of how to use good office etiquette to keep the office a friendly work environment.
  • Develop an understanding of what types of emergencies can present to a chiropractic office and what you can do to provide the correct care.
  • Learn about blood borne pathogens and how to correctly clean up spills.
  • Learn about working with patients from different cultures.
  • Develop skills related to time management.
  • Learn about the presenting signs and symptoms of common cardiovascular emergencies that you may or may not ever see in chiropractic practice.
  • Learn about common techniques of good listening skills.
  • Learn why listening skills are so important to the CA.
  • Discover the importance of reviewing all correspondence.
  • Interpretation of some common body language signs.
  • Learn what vital signs are and how to obtain them.
  • Learn the key components of a good history.
  • Know what "red flags" are for chiropractic.
  • Assist the CA in understanding what "professional boundaries" are and how these boundaries apply to their job duties and working environment.
  • Learn about patient's rights.
  • Discuss many of the conditions that a Doctor of Chiropractic will encounter in daily practice.
  • Learn about legal issues associated with chiropractic.
  • Learn about the different forms of chiropractic and how to safely apply.
  • Investigate the concepts of exercise and rehabilitation.
  • Learn about the basic terminology of radiology and radiographic   guidelines that are used in chiropractic.
  • Understand how to protect the patient during radiographic examinations.

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